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Helping people live hope-filled, restored and richer lives

Randy provides counselling for individuals, couples and families seeking restoration and hope in relational and personal areas of their lives. The goal is to bring individuals and their relationships to wholeness; helping people live hope-filled, restored and richer lives.  

Randy's Basic Beliefs of Counselling
  • We all have a need to belong, feel significant, respected and loved. God wants us to be healthy in mind and spirit. He desires the best for each of us.
  • A counsellors' role is to uncover truths and misconceptions that are causing emotional or spiritual pain. Addressing these truths will show the root causes of the problems, and not just the symptoms.
  • The goal of counselling is that clients have a healthy understanding of themselves and their relationships; to be healthy in mind and spirit.
  • Randy respects and is sensitive to the beliefs of others and realizes that having a spiritual belief can richly help and add to the counselling and healing experience.
    As a professional therapist, Randy has earned the respect of colleagues and clients for his sensitivity, insight and non-judgmental attitude. His active listening and confidentiality allows for a safe, caring setting which puts his clients at ease. He encourages and helps people to address difficult issues, as he comes alongside in their time of need.
His solid training, professional and life experiences equip Randy to help bring wholeness. Randy believes life is a beautiful gift and tries to live life to its fullest. He finds deep satisfaction in working with others to help bring wholeness to their lives and relationships.