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Various types of counselling offered




"I've remarried and my spouses' parenting styles are different than mine" "My step children do not respect me" Blended families - At Brookside, we understand the challenges in combining two families together. We work with the family to help identify ares where relationships can be strengthened. Helping each family member identify what their role and identity in the family helps build acceptance and respect for others.


My children don't listen to me, and I'm finding even my friends don't want to be around my children. At Brookside, we understand how difficult it is to raise children these days. We help parents to identify their parenting styles that would be effective with their children. We help parents take back the control/power that they've unknowingly given to their children, by teaching proven techniques for parenting.



My spouse says they want a divorce. 


What do I do next?


I'm lost, I don't know what to do or how to respond!


How do we tell the kids?


How do we do this separation?

How do I parent the children now?


Randy can help guide you through these turbulent times.  As a Marriage & Family

therapist, Randy helps individuals and couples as they face these very difficult and heart breaking times that life hands them. There are ways to deal with the practical things and the emotional / relational issues that arise from a divorce.  Randy can

help ground you as you go through this difficult time.