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Various types of counselling offered


Am I making the right choice? What am I walking into? Pre-marital - What a great time to find out about each other - give your marriage a head start by finding out about challenges before you are married. Using various assessment techniques, such as Prepare and Enrich, and TJTA, these provide assessments that would highlight possible problematic areas that might not be evident early in the relationship, but may arise as the relationship develops. These include: ethnic differences, financial, spiritual issues, communication, roles and unwritten rules, expectations of each other, unresolved issues coming into the marriage.

How can I ever trust my spouse again? Trust - When trust has been broken in the relationship, it is very difficult to rebuild. At Brookside we acknowledge that trust is one of the foundational building blocks of relationships. We help to restore this broken trust in a way that is respectful to both parties and to your relationship.

"He doesn't understand me" "My needs are not being met" Gender Differences - These do exist! At Brookside we help bridge the gender gap. We are able to help the female understand how the male thinks, feels and responds to words, -- how he processes information. Likewise, we help the male understand the need for verbal and emotional connection with their partner.

Why are we always fighting? "My spouse misunderstands me." Communication - This is also a foundational blocks for relationships. It is one of the least understood issues??? In marital relationships. At Brookside we strive to bring new awareness and methods to the couple so that they may communicate in a healthy and respectful way with each other. This includes using techniques which create safety, trust and an openness to wanting to hear from their spouse, instead of a defensive, protective posturing whether in words, emotion, or body language.

"I'm feeling hopeless and helpless in my relationship" Understanding your Marriage / Relationship - At Brookside, we teach couples the foundational building blocks which allow a relationship to stand strong and firm - and to allow for joy…. When the foundational blocks have been understood and put into place for the couple, they can now build or rebuild their marriage. Without this teaching one will feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and hopeless in their relationship.